How to Lubricate a Treadmill? (Detailed Instructions)

Does your treadmill belt falter a little with each progression? Is the belt making more than it did when the treadmill was new? In case you’re encountering these manifestations your treadmill is without a doubt past due for lubrication.

The outcomes of not keeping your treadmill all around greased up can be costly.

An excess of the grating can prompt engine or regulator board burnout, untimely debasement of the treadmill belt,

or potentially delamination of the load up, and significantly higher energy utilization. Also, the frustrating belt hesitation, which will compound over the long run.

There are some of the reasons why you should lubricate your treadmill

  1. It reduces friction between belt and motor, and also extends track life.
  2. Treadmill lubrication also helps to prepare a machine for storage.
  3. Preventing treadmill belt breakdown is also less costly in case of buying a new treadmill belt. 

While very good quality treadmills expect practically zero support, less expensive treadmills require incidental grease to continue running easily. Regardless of whether your track belt seems, by all accounts, to be working admirably,

focusing on a little lube can forestall future issues. Here are some much of the time posed inquiries we get about treadmill grease. In this article, we will brief you on how to lubricate your treadmill and why it is necessary.

How to Lubricate a Treadmill? (Detailed Instructions)


Generally, the grease will dribble from the finish of the treadmill.

however, it’s a smart thought to put towels up and down the edges also, as a sanity check. Likewise, keep a couple of clean ones is helpful to clear off any overabundance of oil from the machine itself.


Since you need to get underneath the treadmill belt, you should relax the screws on the sides to obtain the entrance.

Take a gander at the sort of screwdriver you’ll require in advance with the goal that you won’t need to get an alternate one afterward.

You’ll realize when it’s free enough when you can lift the belt and transparent to the opposite side without any problem.


At the point when you’re showering, focus on the consistency of the liquid coming out. In the event that it’s too thick, at that point you should clean up any abundance as it will make the belt excessively elusive and it very well may be perilous to utilize. Likewise, wipe up any splash that jumps on the sides of the machine while you work.


To guarantee legitimate oil, it assists with covering the entire belt with a dainty layer of gel just like the deck.

On the off chance that you don’t, at that point, the segments of the belt on the contrary side of the machine (underneath the treadmill) may not be covered appropriately.

In the event that conceivable, mark the segments of the belt as you go so you can be certain you’ve covered the entire thing.

Likewise, you would prefer not to put two covers on it if conceivable since that can even now prompt an extra dangerous treadmill.


Generally speaking, you ought to have utilized around 1-1.5 ounces of silicone gel to get your machine back to typical. On the off chance that you utilized more than that, you should wipe up any extra prior to turning it on.

Additionally, make certain to check the highest point of the belt and the sides of the treadmill so you don’t unintentionally slip when utilizing it.


Return the screws to their unique position. Try not to have the option to lift the belt particularly thereafter.


To guarantee that the entire thing is working accurately and that the lubricant is equitably covered all through, you should run the machine for around three minutes. It shouldn’t be going excessively quick – around three miles for every hour is adequate.

On the off chance that it goes a lot quicker than that, it may begin showering oil that you’ll need to clean up. You can likewise walk on the treadmill to perceive how it handles. On the off chance that it feels somewhat dangerous, at that point you may need to absorb some abundance liquid.


As indicated by most treadmill producers, it’s important to grease up your machine at regular intervals or somewhere in the months, contingent upon utilization. You can either pass by mileage or hours spent on the treadmill as a measure. On the off chance that it’s previous, at that point around 150 miles is adequate,

Despite the fact that it might require new oil at the 100-mile mark all things being equal.

Concerning hours utilized, we suggest greasing it up like clockwork or something like that. By and by, contingent upon the amount you use it, that could be a while, or it very well maybe half a month. Generally, it’s vastly improved to utilize these measurements over time in light of the fact that your clients can change.


At times, you’ll need to relax the belt (look to your treadmill’s guidance manual) to adequately lift up the belt, and afterward re-fix the belt after application.

Belts move and extend after some time so it’s consistently a smart thought to check the tensioning of the belt each time you grease up. 

Much obliged for perusing our article! Whenever you’ve greased up your treadmill a couple of times,

It will become natural to take care of business each time. Additionally, recollect that you can change out belts as they become worn and broken. In the event that your belt is excessively old, grease won’t help.

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